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January 2017 A Night on Bald Mountain - Mussorgsky

“A Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky

  STOP!  Before reading any further, listen to this piece with your eyes closed using the following link!   

   Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyR-poMsSWI

What pictures or storylines come to you? What could this piece be about?

December 2016 "Mambo" from 'Westside Story', Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein remains a true American legend for his excellence in conducting, lecturing, and composition. Ask your late elementary or early middle school students to check out this excerpt from "Mambo". The energetic beat will peak their interest right away!  Use the listening questions below to introduce the basic elements of music to the students, and, after they listen to the music "as an event", challenge them to answer the questions.

Piece:  Mambo from ‘Westside Story’ by Bernstein

November 2016 Debussy for the Advancing Musician

          Imagine an exotic place, something very different from your typical environment or homeland, that you have visited either in real life, through a film or book, in art, or other life experience, that intrigues you; lures you. What defines this place for you? Why does it enchant you? What about it most interests you? If it were possible, would you live or work there? How long would you stay? Did the experience of this place permanently change you, your lifestyle, or your hopes for the future?

Claude Debussy  

Listening as an Event

Welcome to "Listening as an Event"!  

How many people today listen to music? Probably almost everyone. How many people today listen to art music as an event -- just pure, unadulterated listening? Many people listen to music while doing other things like working out, cleaning, studying, eating; however, listening to art music, whether live or recorded, as an end in and of itself, (without doing anything else!) is much more limited.