Student Activities

Rising Stars Festival
Competitive and non-competitive tracks for pre-college students in all instruments and voice

Concerto Competition
Pre-selected concertos for pre-college students in all instruments. 2017 winners will perform with the Metro State University of Denver Symphony Orchestra.

Achievement Day
Non-competitive event administered by Local Associations following State guidelines

MTNA Competition
National competition for students up to 26 years old

Master Class Activity
Master classes with the Conference Keynote Artists

Student Theory Activity
STA participating students will take tests provided by The Keynote Independent Theory Service, or KITS. KITS offers new comprehensive tests each year that include Reading, Vocabulary, Listening, and Skills Performance. STA is offered at the Rising Stars Festivals, or at pre-approved local association events. 

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The purpose of the COLORADO STATE MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION STUDENT ACTIVITIES programs is to  raise standards of student performance and musicianship and to promote higher levels of teaching.  Students are inspired to become performers of the highest musicality, to learn that interest in music is shared  with peers, and to know that best efforts in music are rewarded.  The opportunity for competitive style performance  in  a  comprehensive  program  with  broad  examination areas  is  a  stimulation  for  many  students,  and the definition of musical goals through an adjudicated experience, where winning is not the total aim,  is encouraged.  These programs also create awareness of the important function of the independent teacher,  and professional interest in CSMTA and MTNA.  Teachers who prepare students for these activities, or who use  the standards of these student activities as a guide, are motivated to improve their teaching performance.